Car Dashboard Standalone Recorder

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Brought to you by the kings of navigation, Garmin now wants to help you fight all those insurance frauds that are going around. With the Garmin Dashboard Camera Recorder you have everything on tape. The camera supports up to 32 GB SDHC microSD card, but that’s enough to capture over 38 hours of video. It attaches very neatly on your windshield so it has the perfect view of the front of your car. It has some pretty cool features, for example it can take snapshot pictures which can be used to also take photos and the collision damage by removing the camera from the car. Its integrated microphone can record sound inside the car. But that’s not all, it has a super incident detection sensor that automatically captures footage of collisions and incidents. Or, use it to capture falling meteorites, like those guys in Russia. Your choice, but drive safe.

Car Dashboard Standalone Recorder
Car Dashboard Standalone Recorder

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